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Tennessee Community Services Agency (TNCSA) is a public agency created by the General Assembly of Tennessee with a broad mission of serving Tennesseans in need. 

The TNCSA was formed by the merger of five regional Community Services Agencies in October of 2008.  The agency has seven locations spanning the state from Memphis to Johnson City.  Services are delivered locally through regional agencies with staff that are familiar with the unique needs of Tennessee's families and communities.

A community-based Board of Directors appointed by the Governor guides the agency and our work in Tennessee's communities.  TNCSA knows Tennessee's local resources and Tennessee's needs. We respond quickly to fill social service needs as they arise in ways other agencies cannot.  We coordinate and deliver services to individuals, families and communities through contracts with state, federal and local agencies.  

Our guiding philosphy is helping find solutions to meet Tennessee's needs through services we coordinate and deliver to individuals, families and communities.  We do this through contracts with state, federal and local agencies.