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Title VI


TNCSA Non-Discriminatory Business Practices

Title VI Implementation Plan | Title VI Brochure (en Español) | Title VI Complaints

As a direct or indirect recipient of Federal Funds, the Agency will strictly adhere to the requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in regard to its prohibitions against discrimination.  The TNCSA will not discriminate in the nature, accessibility, duration or quality of services it provides to its recipient clients or customers based on the recipient individual’s race, sex (gender), age, religion, national origin, or disabilities.  Each of the Agency’s individual service recipients will receive equal treatment and respect.  The Agency will not discriminate in the nature of its selection processes and resultant awards or agreements associated with any grant, contract, sub-contract, service agreement, purchase order, collaboration, or other business transaction based on the individual’s or organization’s racial, sex (gender), age, religion, national origin, or disabilities characteristics.  The Agency will endeavor to engage minority business partners whenever possible in the conduct of its business practices.

The Agency’s employees are required to provide equitable levels and qualities of services to all Agency clients and customers, and to conduct themselves in a professional manner with regard to their interactions with the Agency’s bidders, proposers, and business partners without regard to any race, sex (gender), age, religion, national origin, or disabilities factors.  An Agency employee who is found to have willfully and knowingly engaged in any form of prohibited discriminatory conduct may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

The Agency’s applicants for services, active service recipients, bidders, proposers, and active business partners will be notified of the Agency’s non-discriminatory business practice policies and the Agency’s procedures for filing a complaint regarding the Agency’s alleged violation of Title VI mandates, other discriminatory acts or discriminatory conduct on the part of an Agency employee.  The Agency will fully investigate all complaints of discriminatory business practices or employee conduct, develop conclusions from such an investigation, implement appropriate corrective or restorative measures, and issue an appropriate response to the complainant in a timely manner.  These policies will be prominently posted at the Agency’s business premises,

The Agency shall also observe the provisions of Executive Order Number 13166 in regard to Title VI requirements for individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).  The Agency shall evaluate the degree to which LEP access is required with regard to its provision of alternate language publications, bi-lingual staffing and/or professional interpreter services as determined necessary by the Agency’s analysis of the following factors:

  1. The number or proportion of LEP persons eligible to be served or likely to be encountered.
  2. The frequency with which LEP persons come into contact with Agency programs or activities.
  3. The importance of Agency programs, activities or services to LEP persons’ lives.
  4. The Agency resources available and the cost of implementing LEP access accommodations.

The Agency will then determine the necessary mechanisms required to meet its LEP needs, identify the available resources to comply with LEP mandates, and then develop an appropriate plan of action to assure the provision of LEP access services within all of its programs and activities.