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4 star ISC DIDD
I'm Empowered!
I Matter!

4 star ISC DIDD

DIDD has designated both the East and the West regional presences of TNCSA as 4-star entities yet again!

I'm Empowered!

I can be me. I have choices. I have friends. I have people who want to see me succeed.

I Matter!

I can make a difference if given the right chance. I can be productive if given the right job. I can be happy and lead a full and meaningful life if given the right opportunities.

Independent Support Coordination (ISC) Services

TNCSA Independent Support Coordinators (ISCs) are here to make sure that individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities receive the right services for their needs and that those services are provided appropriately. Their services are available at no cost to individuals who receive services through the Medicaid Waiver program.

As the name implies, the ISCs are “independent” of both the state agency that administers the Medicaid Waiver and of the multiple agencies that provide direct services. This independence allows them to represent and advocate for the person who is receiving services and his or her family.

The ISC helps YOU draw up an Individual Support Plan (ISP) that outlines the services that you will receive based on YOUR needs. They are not motivated by saving money (as the state might be) or by receiving money (as a provider might be), but only in assuring that each individual’s needs are met in the most appropriate manner. YOU, with the help of your family or loved ones if you desire, can choose the Independent Support Coordinator that you want to represent you. So, if you're looking for more than just another person to be involved in your life, if you're looking for someone who genuinely cares and will represent your best interests, give us a call and we'll be happy to take the next step with you.

  • West Tennessee –731.984.9030
  • Middle Tennessee –931.754.1195
  • East Tennessee –423.499.6081

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TNCSA has been providing independent support coordination (ISC) for persons receiving services through the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) since October 2006. We provide services across the state out of our Memphis, Jackson, Cookeville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville offices.

TNCSA has many roles in administering ISC services. Our main task is to be responsible for the oversight of the individuals we serve and to ensure, under the supervision of DIDD, they foster productive, fulfilling and meaningful lives.

It begins with the ISP (Individual Support Plan) that outlines the services that an individual will receive. As with everything we do, this process is very person-centered, driven by the needs and wants of the individual receiving services. The ISP identifies an individual’s strengths and capabilities and well as their needs and personal preferences. It includes goals for the individual and outlines the services they will need to meet those goals. The ISC case manager is the one responsible for drawing up that plan, in collaboration with the individual, family members, and others who are involved in that person’s care. The ISP must correspond with DIDD policy and fulfill the interests of the individual served. Each ISP is different to fit the unique needs of each individual. The ISP must be revised annually, and it can be revised monthly, or more if necessary, to reflect changing wants, needs and interests. The individual and his or her family or legal representative must agree that the final ISP is an accurate reflection of the individual’s wants and needs.

Once developed the ISP is submitted to DIDD for approval. The ISP is utilized by the direct service providers to ensure that the wants and needs of the person are being addressed. The Independent Support Coordinators monitor the services included in the ISP to ensure that the individual served is receiving the services as outlined in the plan and that those services allow them to live a quality life according to their wishes. They do this by meeting regularly with the individual receiving the services and their family members when appropriate, interviewing direct support staff and observing their interactions, and maintaining communication with the provider agencies. The ISP will be amended anytime throughout the year if the individual’s wants or needs change.

Throughout the year, several meetings will take place which will include the ISC, Direct Support Staff, the individual served, and family members when appropriate. These meetings are an opportunity for everyone present to voice their wants, needs and concerns. These meetings are conducted by the ISC and include the development, or amendment of a plan. This benefits all of those working for the improvement of the individual’s life and gives an opportunity for all to come together as a whole and ensure that a preferred life is a reality for the person served.