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No Matter What your Past Has Been, Your Future Is Perfect
Families Are Forever

No Matter What your Past Has Been, Your Future Is Perfect

If you live in the Upper Cumberland and receive services from the Department of Human Services, our FFS Counselors are there to help you set and achieve your goals.

Families Are Forever

Whether your family members live together in one place or in multiple places, our FFS Counselors can help you find the resources you need to achieve and maintain stability and healthy relationships.

Family Focused Solutions

Have you been hit hard and just need a little help?   Are the struggles of everyday life overwhelming you?  We are here to help!  Since 2000, TNCSA’s Family Focused Solutions (FFS) program (formerly known as Family Services Counseling) has assisted over 6,000 families just like yours! 

Our counselors assist families who are currently receiving assistance through the Families First Program by offering guidance and support to enable folks just like you to make the necessary changes and find the necessary resources that can help them become self-supporting and live the life they want.

Our counselors do what they do best….advocate for you!!!  Our sole desire is to see you succeed!   Our staff will work diligently to assist you with such issues as alcohol/drug dependency, family violence, child behavior problems, adult education issues, individual and or family counseling, and much more! We will work with you to develop a plan that best meets your family’s needs! Once the needs are identified we go straight to work connecting you with available resources within your own community to make those goals of yours a reality! 

Don’t get caught up in looking at the past and all the mistakes you’ve made.  Instead, look toward your future and all the possibilities that lie ahead.  Let us help you in making the right choices that could change you and your family’s lives forever!

Family Focused Solutions (FFS) helps families receiving state assistance through the Families First Program gain the knowledge and support they need to end their need for welfare assistance.   Counselors in this program provide support to aid families in addressing challenges such as mental health concerns, family violence situations, alcohol and drug treatment, adult and child learning difficulties, and child behavior and health concerns. 

FFS counselors help families by  

  • Helping families identify their individual needs, goals, and aspirations;
  • Assisting with creating a Families First work plan that best fits the family’s specific needs;
  • Providing Individual and/or family counseling;
  • Connecting families to community providers for help with on-going needs;
  • Arranging for educational assessments for adults that have difficulty with reading, writing, math, etc;
  • Providing guidance with disability applications; and
  • Advocating for the family.
  • Providing life skills education, particularly in the areas of financial literacy, parenting, social relationships, coping skills, making choices, and time management.

 TNCSA’s Family Focused Solutions program has been helping families participating in the Families First program since 2000.  Since that time we have helped more than 6000 families, and look forward to helping many more.