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Sometimes Mistakes Are Made
Probation Is The Gateway To A New Beginning

Sometimes Mistakes Are Made

Your past does not have to define your future. Your probation officer can help you find the path back to where you want to be.

Probation Is The Gateway To A New Beginning

Our probation officers are not there to check up on you but to assist you in rebuilding your life and escaping the system forever.

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Supervision and monitoring services:

  • contact with probationers at regular intervals determined by level of supervision
  • collection of probation fees and monitoring of payment of court costs
  • monitoring of compliance with court ordered probation requirements
  • random drug testing


Probationer support services:

  • employment
  • counseling
  • education and job skills training
  • assistance with accessing other community resources


Strength-based program philosophy:

  • We strive to set and enforce boundaries set by the courts, in a way that is firm but fair and respectful.
  • By treating individuals with respect we can help them change their image of themselves from that of a criminal offender to one of an upright citizen.
  • Part of that respect means holding them accountable for their bad behaviors and acknowledging their good.


Reporting and Accountability:

  • TNCSA maintains a client database and can provide the court with program data and/or individual client information as needed.
  • The courts receive timely written reports of all problem behavior that could result in revocation of probation.
  • When appropriate, and with Court approval, Probation may utilize an increase in supervision level for minor violation as an effort to avoid behavior that could lead to revocation of probation.