Memphis Strong Families Initiative (MSFI)

Imagine being a victim of domestic violence, moving out of your home to keep yourself and your children safe and then realizing you have nowhere to turn and no one who will help. You have no job and no income.   Then imagine that someone reports you to DCS for neglect because you and your children are living in your car and the kids are not attending school.

Now, imagine a program that will put you and your children in safe housing, provide services to help you get your kids back in school, help you get a job and help your family adjust to your new circumstances.  Imagine TNCSA’s dedicated staff providing this support through the Memphis Strong Families Initiative. 

MSFI is a federal demonstration project funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services.  It is a local partnership coordinated by the Community Alliance using a Housing First Philosophy to transform the lives of our city’s most vulnerable families.  MSFI’s program partners are TNCSA, MIFA, Promise Development Corporation, DCS, Comprehensive Counseling Network, Christ Community Health Services and Urban Community Ministries. Over the next 4 years, MSFI will provide housing and support services to 100 families.

TNCSA’s Memphis Office is proud to be a part in this amazing partnership by providing intensive supportive services and care coordination to the families with whom we have the pleasure to work.  We are so pleased to have the opportunity to work along-side our committed partners in assisting the MSFI families to achieve their dreams of safer, happier families.